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Create Music Videos with your Friends


What is Shuffler?

Shuffler dance app is used to create unpredictable music videos with your friends using your phone camera and popular songs. Record yourself dancing to one segment of a popular song using your phone camera, while others record to other segments of that same song. After all clips are populated, the song is automatically merged thanks to our advanced music video maker, and it is created new unpredictable music video from any song! The dancers are you and people from all around the world, and video clips are approved by our users too. Shuffler has no control over finished videos except controlling finished videos results to follow regulations.







Final Videos created by Shuffler

All our clips are recorded by our users with the best mobile dance recorder. All our clips are approved by our users. Even length of clips is defined by users in Song cutter. Because of this strange combination of styles, people and dances we are creating unpredictable final videos from original songs which are fun to watch because you are one of the dancers. Shuffler only manages complete dance videos if users follow app regulations and we manage music with original artists and publishers.

How Shuffler Works?

You can use and control almost any process of music video creation in our choreography app. Most of the people which want to dance they will simply press our central button and record themselves how they dance instantly.

Upload MP3

Upload music from your phone. Songs are recognized by our fingertip technology to comply all copyright regulations. Verified artists will get revenue from it.

Cut the Song

Use our innovative song cutter to slice the songs in rythm with the music. Cuts will become video clips later.

Record Yourself

Record yourself showing your amazing dance moves or lipsync your favourite song on empty clips. Record anything interesting and impress with our dance recording technology!

Get Approved

Video starters can approve or reject your clip, so make sure you follow their theme. If you get approved, you will appear on the user-generated dance. We are a dance collaboration app.

Merged Video

After all clips are populated and approved by video starter, they will be automatically merged and shown in the home page to all users.

Home Page Overview

Our social dance app Shuffler is all about connecting music artists with their fans. We use original songs and their fans dance and enjoy their music...creating new music video for that song.


How to Record Yourself

By pressing our central button in the dance video platform, you can record yourself in any non finished song. After all clips are populated, its created new merged music video which is shown on our home page of app.


Some frequently asked questions.

Shuffler is an app for creating music videos using original songs. We partner with music artists and publishers to use their songs. Users, who are often big fans of these artists, create unique music videos for their well-known songs, connecting artists with their fans.

To record your clip in a music video, simply sign up for free on Shuffler. Once you're in the app, click on our logo button, choose an unfinished video, and record your dance in an available clip. If you're happy with your performance, click "OK," or cancel and try again if needed. Your recording needs approval from the video starter.

The video starter is the person who creates the new music video. They select the song, theme, and approve all clips related to their video. Once all clips are approved, they are merged to create the final music video for that song. Anyone on Shuffler can be a video starter.

Shuffler ensures that music artists are properly rewarded for their work. You can upload songs from our partnered artists or publishers. If a song isn't approved by them, it can't be used on Shuffler, and any related music videos may be deleted. For songs with uncertain ownership, we'll try to connect with the original artists or publishers to get verify and ensure they are compensated. Otherwise, we may have to delete the music video.

If your song is uploaded illegally and Shuffler's technology doesn't recognize it as copyrighted, we suggest becoming a Verified Artist or being removed from Shuffler. As a Verified Artist, you'll have control over your music within the app and earn from subscriptions, direct music sales, Shuffler Ads, and your merchandise sales. We offer competitive rates for our verified artists and publishers. If you wish to remove your music from our app, fill out a short form to get delisted. We'll prevent any further uploads of your music using our technology, including your name and song titles. Your songs and artist name will be blocked, and related materials will be deleted.